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 Our picnics, movie nights, and drive-by parties are the perfect social distancing experience.



For adults, maybe it starts with a magical intimate styled picnic, or an evening under a strawberry moon with that special someone, or a gathering of family and friends. It starts with festive tables, comfy chairs and cushions, candles and flowers, and maybe a little wine and cheese.
For kids, it might begin with the magic of a movie night under the stars with play tents, snacks, and a pretend campfire. It could even end with life-long friendships.
Free Spirit Gatherings is a boutique event company, specializing in unique experiences for both children and adults. It starts with love, laughter, and special gatherings that will be remembered for a lifetime. Whether it’s in a backyard, on a beach, or in a beautiful natural setting, we elevate the experience by creating unique, charming picnics and gatherings. Our dreamy designs will create a special place where you can relax, connect, and share the love of family and friends.


Please take some time to look over our picnic and movie night offerings. If you see something that interests you please fill out our contact form and we'll contact you to get more information about your event.
Our team will come to your backyard and setup everything for you. Just sit back and relax. Please note that we do not stay and host your picnic or movie night.
We do need a few things to make your experience successful. First, we need to know how big your backyard is, measurements are helpful. An accurate number of people coming to your event. For those who book a movie night we need to know the movie you would like to watch so we can download it ahead of time.
Important reminders:
Please make sure your sprinklers are off two days before the event. We pickup the equipment the following day for our movie nights, so please keep your sprinklers off.
We ask that our equipment not be placed on dirt. Grass, concrete, or other clean surfaces will help our equipment looking its best.
Lastly, we need access to an electrical outlet.
That’s it! Super easy!!!

About Our Vision

Heather Logan, owner of Free Spirit Gatherings, saw a need during Covid to bring socially-distanced gatherings into people's lives. She created this company with a vision to bring people together safely, beautifully, and responsibly.


Your health and safety is very important to us.
We can setup everything without any direct contact.
Our employees will take their own temperatures before starting work.
Masks are worn while setting up and prepping materials. Hands are washed or sanitized
All items will be washed or disinfected after every event with the exception of the pillows, rugs and the teepees. Those Items will be steamed cleaned and not rented for 3 days. From our research Covid-19 can live on fabric for up to 24-48 hours.
We hope this information puts your mind at ease.


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Thousand Oaks, CA, USA


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